I value the diversity and creativity of the food business and I am always inspired by new flavours.



Pascal Wälti

The balance between healthy food and indulgence is often quite close. I love how delicious healthy food can be.

who we are

We are Colti! Young, adventurous and socially engaged people, with the goal to establish new, creative and healthy products. We want to reinvent and revolutionize breakfast and snacks.


We founded our startup in August 2018, after our trip around the world. Especially in Australia and New Zealand have we had many inspirational moments, which have led us to take this step and found our own company.


According to our motto: “inspired by the world, created at home”, do we produce porridge with flavours from around the world, mixed with a pinch of Swiss flair. Colti represents the delicious, healthy and filling snack of your choice. Our Colti porridge can be served hot and cold. Enjoy your time-out moment with Colti.

social and
environmentally friendly

It is important for us to keep our business ethically fair and environmentally friendly!


Our porridge is being filled by hand in a social institution in Switzerland. Our packaging is made out of high-quality kraft paper with a resealable zipper. Our ingredients all derive from organic farming.